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Мedical Tourism

Our services for medical tourism include the best treatment places at the best specialized German hospitals in Berlin and Bavaria Munich. We accompany our patients from the moment of their arrival in Berlin International Airport to receive their treatments (and their follow-up treatments) until their return to their native countries.The health care system in Germany is considered one of the best in Europe and the world. For many years, German hospitals have been at the lead for medical tourism.Patients from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Romania, and the countries of the Gulf who look for healthcare services and for the best chances of recovery consider Germany the first choice for them.


Patients from Britain and the United States of America have been attracted to German hospitals often because of the high health care standards and advanced techniques provided by the German health care system which offers them the opportunity to shorten the waiting period, which is a real problem in some countries, especially the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.


Patients from Arab countries and the Gulf countries also come to Germany to take advantage of the experience and reputation of German physicians.

Vivantes Hospital


Vivantes is the largest regional complex for hospitals, clinics and dispensaries in Berlin, Germany. This network includes nine hospitals with a total capacity of 5,500 beds in addition to departments concerned with rehabilitation in outpatient clinics. Furthermore, Vivantes employs about 1,500 specialist doctors in nearly 100 departments and medical centres.


Treatment Costs


One of the first questions to arise when considering treatment abroad is the financial cost. Some consider the costs of treatment a crucial factor in their decision to seek treatment abroad, while others are willing to financially invest more for the quality of medical service that would potentially achieve success. Our company provides you with a detailed list of prices of treatment services to some common diseases.

Treatment in Germany


Germany has earned such high position in the field of medicine as a result of many factors.

Our company coordinates, arranges and accompanies treatment trips in Germany, which have been noticeably increasing as patients from different countries in the world come to Germany seeking treatment and rehabilitation.

Services and accommodation


We will accompany the patient to the fullest extent, beginning from the medical escort in the plane, the transfer of the patient to the treatment centre, providing accommodation for companions in the best Berlin hotels, in addition to car services (in all standards), professional translators, as well as recreation and recuperation places for the after treatment period.


Diseases and methods of treatment


  • Cancer treatment.

  • Brain and Neurosurgery.

  • Treatment of heart diseases.

  • Treatment of spinal cord injury.

  • Treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) disease.

  • Organ transplant.

  • Immunosuppression drugs.

  • Infertility.

Health Insurance in Germany


Our company offers in partnership with AXA the possibility to register for a health insurance through our offices directly. AXA is a leading company for health insurance, buildings and projects which is the largest provider of health insurance for students of the German language, the pre-academic year and for students at a university level during their degree in Germany.


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