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Our projects in the Gulf region

Our company, German-Gulf Alliance Ltd., is characterized by its prestigious position as a link between the Arab Gulf countries such as Oman, Dubai, and Qatar, in addition to Iran, the Russian Federation and the leading German companies for reconstruction and development, planning and infrastructure.
Our company is a link between the German economy, on the one hand, and the latest projects in the Gulf region, on the other hand, where we offer advice regarding the financing of these huge projects, and work with German companies on development projects in the Arab Gulf states.
In addition, we work on the registration and the participation of German companies in international exhibitions in the Gulf as well as the participation of the Gulf companies in the Berlin and Munich International exhibitions.
Here are the most important of these projects in the Omani Sultanate:

The Duqm

The Duqm is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which is fundamentally an economically integrated model for eight economic development areas which include: a multi-purpose port, a dry dock for ship maintenance and repair, a fishing port, touristic attractions, industrial areas, an educational city, and a modern residential city – all of which is accessed by a rich transportation network which includes a regional airport, and a multi-purpose port, and a railway network. These connect the Duqm to different regions of the Omani Sultanate, and from there to the Middle East, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Al Mouj Project

This is the largest touristic development project in Muscat, Oman. It is considered the most unique residential and touristic luxury resort which provides uncompromising quality and location. This project has provided the opportunity to establish a promising partnership between the government and investors in the private sector, which will result in the establishment of this gigantic luxury project that runs 7.3 kilometres along the natural coast, within a short distance of the capital.

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