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Treatment Costs

Treatment Costs?


One of the first questions to arise when considering treatment abroad is the financial cost. Some consider the costs of treatment a crucial factor in their decision to seek treatment abroad, while others are willing to financially invest more for the quality of medical service that would potentially achieve success. Our company provides you with a detailed list of prices of treatment services to some common diseases. Despite its outstanding international reputation, Germany offers the lowest prices in Europe and in relation to many Middle Eastern countries.


How is the treatment cost estimated in Germany?


After a specialized doctor views the medical reports, a quote or an offer detailing the approximate costs of the treatment is sent from the hospital to the patient. This would include the costs of all tests or proposed operations and the necessary medical imaging. There may be additions to the provisional price, since sometimes the patients would have to repeat tests they had undergone in their home countries. Should that be the case, patients will be previously notified. The treatment cost in Germany depends on the patient’s condition and the requested service level (e.g. the type of room chosen or the rank of the physician).  





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